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Is it weird...

I think it's kind of strange that I bought Old Spice High Endurance body wash. It's clearly a soap for "men" but I like how it smells, so I'm gonna use it anyway!! It's better than that flowery shit they make for women, am I right?!

EDIT - I really love the instructions:
1)Grab your cloth
2)Squeeze it out
3)Lather it up
4)Rinse it off
Won't wash away testosterone!
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Some of those wimmen-soaps are disgustingly scented, but I have a real beef with Herbal Essences. I bought the shampoo once for a lark...but much to my surprise, I was NOT assisted in my showering endeavors by a pack of well-built gentlemen. I had a tubby guy come in and hork my towel, but that was it. I was so disillusioned. TV, lie? NEVER!

I adore the Old Spice High Endurance bodywash. It's so not flowery! And so not girly! And it keeps me from being stinky and ew gross.