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Dear Iboughtsoap,

I have a problem with some soap:

I live in the dorms at Western, and I have an end suite with 2 other girls.  We share our own bathroom and shower.  I keep all of my shower stuff in there.  I have this Dove exfoliating body wash that has these little blue beads in it.  I have a loofah, or whatever you would call it, that I put the body was on and use...

I noticed a while ago that there were little blue beads in my roommate's loofah!  She doesn’t even have body wash, she just uses soap!  Then I was thinking, "Man, I went through this bottle quick!  It's a big bottle and it's almost gone!"  Now, there are even more blue dots in her loofah, just as many as mine!  So basically... MY ROOMMATE IS USING THE SOAP THAT I BOUGHT!!!!!

For lack of better words, I'm not a huge fan of this particular roommate to begin with. 

What should I do?



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It's a little extreme, but put your soap in a different bottle and put something rather nasty in the Body wash bottle. I'm sure you can think of something sufficiently nasty.
Oh my gosh that would be so funny! What should I use?! I'll have to think about it! HAHA! THANKS!!
I could suggest a few things, but then I have to wonder, where would one get that much cum?
Oh man! Well see it's almost empty... So hmmm.. HAHAHAHAHA
It wouldn't be that hard. But it WOULD be kinda suspicious...
Tell her to get away from yo' soap, gurl!
I'd suggest just asking her to keep away from your soap. If she doesn't, um. Go with the other option. >_>
Yeah, sounds good to me. That girl... I tell you what.
End suite, sweet. Nice rooms, those.

The best way to deal with it is to ask your roommate to stop using your soap, because you haven't got a lot of money and you have to make it last. Then mention how you lost your loofah and start bringing up your highly infectious and contagious skin disease.

I used to have other problems with my ex-roommate, but soap misappropriation was never one of them. It IS an arrestable offense in Strongbadia, you know.

Since your bottle of soap is mostly gone, next time, put a whole lot of capsaicin in a bottle of soap. (Don't be stupid enough to use it yourself though!) I bet she'll never use your soap again! :D
the biggest bunch of ding-dongs I have ever had the misfortune of reading in livejournal. Lay off the crack, don't eat the soap.